Thursday, December 17, 2009

To Bobbi, Amy, Adam, Courtney

I feel the need to let you know how much I love each one of you. I think about you every single day and pray for your safety and happiness. I haven't accomplished alot by the world's standards but look at the kids I've got. You are all amazing.

This has been a really difficult year for your dad and I. Probably the most difficult in all of our 37 years of marriage. We have tried to handle it and still be good examples to you. Your dad is an optimist and thank goodness for that. His attitude has been the saving grace all along. I have done my share of tears, and sometimes had a "kicking and screaming" attitude. Sometimes I've wondered why us? The answer that comes to me is that we are here to help show you the way. That was easy to understand when you were small, but now that you are all adults and smarter, and better than we are, it's funny that setting an example should still be important, but I guess it is. I wish we could be together more often but time and money don't allow for that right now. Please know that you are the joy of our lives and we delight in every phone call, blog, or email. The first thing your dad asks me when he comes home is if I've heard from any of the kids today. We then enjoy talking about that conversation. We love every mundane detail.

As Christmas gets closer I dream of being all together in some big mountain cabin with festive decorations all around, and music in the background. Since that is just a dream, please know that our greatest gift has been and still is you. We are hopeful and optimistic about the future and look forward to being able to travel to see you more this next year.

I love you,


  1. Really cool post MOM, we really love you guys too, wish we could be there

  2. It amazes me how you were able to weather the storm. Life isn't fair. I sometimes get upset that time and money are always such a big factor.

    We love you.