Friday, October 16, 2009

Pillow Project

Like most men, Rob thinks all the pillows are a bother, but I like the look. They bring in color, and something to lean on when you don't want your feet up on the ottoman. My visiting teachers are short, and they need pillows!

House Beautification

Made some nice little valances for the windows in the office. I thought they turned out pretty good. Fabric choices are limited in this town, but I like what I found.

Still a no-name

I know I am making much too big a deal out of the name thing. Nevertheless we are enjoying this little puppy. He's pretty predictable which means we are being trained in his habits. He's becoming more animated as he gets to know us and his surroundings better. Our bishop was over last week and saw him and said the day we adopted him he won the puppy lottery!