Friday, July 24, 2009

Perspective is a Good Thing

Jasper has been shown some signs of having colic this week and Amy and I have traded off pacing the floor with him. We found a baby swing on Craig's list and decided to give it a try. We drove to the location to pick up the swing and we were met by a very young gal who said she had a three year old daughter and two eleven month old twin boys. They got the swing for the boys because they too had colic when they were newborns. Then we noticed that she only had one arm and was able to keep up with a toddler and twin babies. After that observation, we decided that the two of us should be able to handle Jasper!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hangin' Out With Jasper

Yesterday Amy put this shirt on Jasper. We thought he looked pretty handsome. We think he looks good in dark colors.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Blessing

One of the blessings of motherhood that I was able to experience this past week was not only meeting a new grandson for the first time, but spending time with Amy. It has been a pleasure to spend time with each of my daughters as they become mothers themselves, and help them in that new role.

I remember when I became a mother for the first time and that precious baby girl was placed in my arms for the first time, my first thought was: " so this is how much my mother loves me. " I hope my daughters had that same thought and know how much I love them. I'm so proud of each of them and the wonderful mothers that they are.

A New Grandson

On July 1, 2009 Jasper True Zollinger was born! We couldn't wait to find out what his name was since Amy successfully kept it a secret during her entire pregnancy. Amy and Jasper are doing great. They seemed to bond instantly.
Wow he's cute. Newborns are so precious.
Jasper is a delight. Amy and I spent the week following his birth at the house in BattleGround. I was so happy to spend time with Amy and "show her the ropes." She is so good with her baby and he is a sweetheart.