Monday, November 30, 2009


Hank and Max were excited to meet the dog.

Max at his highchair having breakfast.

Aaron with all three boys.

Amy taking a break from making a relish plate to get Jasper happy again.

The boys played.

Jasper got parked on the kitchen counter in a bumbo while we peeled, chopped, boiled, and baked.

Doesn't look like this should have taken hours of preparation but it did. Anyway I had the help of my daughters and we enjoyed the process. The food was yummy. Traditional Thanksgiving fare is always a treat.

Resting after eating.

A few years ago we started the tradition of making a craft after the Thanksgiving meal. They guys are watching football and the girls are being crafty. This year it was cute little half-pint jars of french pears sauce that we made and decorated for gift giving.

The finished product.

On Friday I took the girls to a Christmas Bazaar followed by lunch at a neat place we discovered in Umpqua called the Lighthouse Bakery. We had a good time and left the big boys at home.

Amy snapped pictures of the Grovers for a possible Christmas card photo.

Not an easy task to get a picture of three active little boys at the same time. They are in motion!

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  1. Some really good pictures Mom! The house looks really good, and probably was perfect for having people over. The boys hovering around the dog is a classic picture, i really like it. Interestingly instead of the boys groaning on the carpet post-meal it looked the women were the ones to do this.